Bishop Dr. Nicholas Mulli - President

Champions of Christ International/Temple was founded in 1995 by Bishop Dr. Nicholas Mulli and his wife Rev.Agnes Mulli.

Rev. Agnes Mulli - Co-Founder



Bishop is a genuine, transparent, faithful, resourceful and cooperative individual with a humanitarian heart, courageous. Together, we can change this Nation by bringing hope and healing to the affected God’s people. Kenya government witnessed the humanitarian heart in his life, where the government appointed him to serve in the following;

1. Appointed member of task force on irregular appropriation of land and the squatter problem in Athi River Distcrict

2. Chairman of Inua Jamii (government cash transfer program dealing with orphans and aged persons of 65 years and above where by government pays them 2000kshs (Approx 30 Dollars) each per month which is too little for the upkeep and the program caters only for a quarter of the affected.

3. Chairman of Uwezo Fund ,a program where groups of women, youth and disabled are government loaned to with no loan interest to alleviate poverty which again is too little to lift the lives of the affected. The government is trying but not possible to cater for the 40 million people where by ¾ are living below poverty level.

4. The equity Bank   runs education support program to the orphans known as wings to fly which again is too little support comparing with the number of orphans and destitute and Bishop Dr. Nicholas Mulli is a resourceful committee member of the same.

5. He is a resourceful Regular police and Administration police recruitment District Committee member.


Rev.Agnes Mulli,has a Bachelor Degree in Ministry, Diploma in Community Development, Adult Education and Counseling. Together with Bishop Dr. Mulli they serve as an exemplary in bringing hope and healing to the community.



  • Bishop Mulli is the Machakos County Chairman of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, the alliance that has approx of 12 million following.
  • He is the chairman of Bishops Council.
  • He is the founding president of Champions of Christ International Kenya.




Some of the government appointments of Bishop Dr Nicholas Mulli