High Impact Fund (HIF) is a program that helps and supports the needy, poor and less disadvantaged people in Kenya. The program is run and channeled through the Champions of Christ International. You too can donate to help alleviate the situation. Our partners’ contribution even if it is one dollar to our Kenyan community is called High Impact Fund. HIF is ensured that your contributions go to the causes that matter most to you, and result in maximum impact through Champions of Christ International.

Why was I born an African? Poverty is my daily food. Your HIF is welcomed to alleviate the situation.

High Impact Fund (HIF) empowering a woman through catering services.

Empowering the disadvantaged in the community through High Impact Fund (HIF)

Marginalized areas in Africa...My future is on the hands of God. Your HIF can help alleviate the situation.

This is our house as a family. Shelter, food, clothing and health is a big problem only God can help us.

Caring and feeding on progress through High Impact Fund (HIF). Your assistance can also help the poor and needy.

Helping the less disadvantaged, poor and needy in the community is a blessing.Together with you, we can bring hope and healing to the affected Kenyans. Your Donation will bring High Impact to the affected therefore your donation will be High Impact Fund to the Kenyan community. High Impact Fund is channeled through the following:

Clean Water

An advancing National food crisis and persistent shortages of safe drinking water affect millions of individuals in Kenya, killing hundreds annually. Nationally,, one million people lack access to safe water supplies. Together we can bring hope and healing to the affected Kenyans by digging community bore holes to supply water through Champions of Christ International.

Disaster Relief and Resiliency

Children, the elderly and poor populations nationally bear the brunt of natural and man-made disasters. Aid in the form of shelter, food, water, funds, medical care and supplies ensures life-saving intervention that relieves and rebuilds families, communities and economies. Together we can bring hope and healing to the affected.

Economic Development

Poverty compounds mankind’s worst dilemmas. Eradicating it would mean an end to much of the Kenya’s hunger, childhood mortality, violence, social injustice and ecological destruction. Together we can bring hope and healing to the Nation of Kenya.


Education is the great equalizer. Your help can increase a child’s future earning potential by as much as 25 percent. Today, many secondary children are not in school, and more than half of those uneducated children are girls. You can sponsor Individual students or champions education centers. Together we can bring hope and healing to the affected children.

Global Health and Child Survival

Roughly one million people are living in extreme poverty without access to the most basic medical care, essential vaccines, lifesaving drugs and clean water. You can give your hand of help today. Together we can bring hope and healing to the affected God’s people.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that generates an estimated $150 billion in annual profits. The majority of those trafficked are children, often used for commercial sexual exploitation and manual labor. You can be a solution today. Together we can bring hope and healing to the affected.


Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. There are 842 million hungry people in the world; 98 percent of them live in developing countries including Kenya. Hunger impacts all people, from babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk to the elderly with no relatives to care for them. Kenya is waiting for you. Be involved today for together we can bring hope and healing to the affected.


Malaria is a preventable and treatable mosquito-borne illness. An estimated 3.4 billion people live in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 106 countries and territories. The riskiest areas, however, are mainly in developing countries, Kenya included. Malaria exacts a huge toll on human health and imposes economic burdens. Kindly Kenya is waiting for you. Together we can bring hope and healing to the people affected.

Women and Girls

Roughly one billion people in the world live in extreme poverty; the majority of them are women. Women control less than 10 percent of the world's assets while performing two-thirds of all labor to produce more than half of the world’s food. An estimated 775 million adults are illiterate; two-thirds of them are women. Kenya is a victim country. Let’s team up together for a total solution and bring hope and healing to the affected Kenyans.